Open fermentation at Wicked Weed Brewery

We were drawn to Asheville by it’s reputation as a great beer city, but we enjoyed so much more than that.  A friend who had lived there sent us a list of fun things to do in the area including everything from best waterfall to jump in to the best breakfast spot. At the top of the list was a phone number of potential friends to call who might be able to host. I was nervous to call and ask to impose on complete strangers, but they gladly accepted and we quickly became friends.  They let us play with their brand new pet bunny, use their shower, and wash our dishes in their sink (we are sans water in the van until we get below the frost line). They were also great ambassadors to this city.  In our eyes, Asheville is like a big eastown surrounded by mountains.  We immediately felt at home.


Highlights of our time in Asheville included:

  • Meeting and spending time with our hosts, Ryan and Ellen
  • Wandering the halls of America’s largest house, the Biltmore Estate (think Downton Abbey)
  • Walking up the mountain to see cool houses and views
  • Burning our friends’ christmas tree at a brewery’s giant outdoor fire pit (turns out we weren’t supposed to do that)
  • Taking warm showers at Ryan and Ellen’s house.

Oh, and now we have a route map.

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