The view approaching Captiva Island

Sanibel Captiva Islands

Captiva Sanibel Islands


On a whim we decided to venture up to these wonderfully named islands. They evoke bahama like feeling while still be connected by bridge.  And the ride in certainly does not disappoint. The way up to the Islands we stopped on a few beaches at Fort Meyers to do some kiteboarding. A storm was moving in and the wind was great. I held my ground and was up on the water for an hour or two.

Side note, we had been looking for a Goodwill to add a few nick-nacks to our kitchen. As we were cruising on the beautiful and very slow road through Captiva, Annie spotted a store. We quickly swooped into the store and found what we needed. It was quite an unusual store. Imagine a neighborhood Goodwill in an old historic house.


We hemmed and hawed through the slow road and eventually made it to the end. Upon initial inspection we did not find much more that a bunch of uninviting do-not-park-here signs. Then we stumbled upon the Mucky Duck. As it turns out Annie’s friend had recommended that we visit this place. So we got an appetizer, a drink, and a parking spot on the beach. In our parking spot we whipped up some burgers in the van while we watched the sun set over the gulf.



A nice parking spot on the beach

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