The Beginning of an Adventure

Taylor and I are excited to announce that we will be spending the next 3-9 months traveling the country in a converted Sprinter van!

Our main goals are to learn new skills, experience creation, and connect with our community throughout the country.

The story starts on the first day of our honeymoon.  Not even three hours into our drive toward Canada, Taylor turned to me and said, “This might not be the best timing, but I’ve been feeling a tug at my heart to possibly move to Arizona”. Cue tears from me.

After visiting the copper state in November, however, I caught the bug and spent the plane ride home talking about how we could make it work for us.  This time, Taylor was the one taken aback!

We still haven’t officially committed to making the move.  While we would be excited to be closer to Taylor’s family and would have some interesting career possibilities, it would be hard for us to leave the great state of Michigan.  What we have committed to is taking some time away to figure it out.

We’ll be figuring it out as we travel the country in a converted Sprinter van.  All last year Taylor has been dreaming about living in one of these vans.  They are like tiny houses on wheels that get a whopping 22mpg.  It is very exciting to finally have one parked in our driveway!

When I told a friend that we had decided to go for it and actually leave on this big adventure she jumped up and down and exclaimed, “You are going to love it!  You are going to learn so much, but it’s not going to be the things you’re expecting”.  For this reason, we’re trying not to make too many plans or have too many expectations.  As stated above, our goals are to learn new skills (coding, AutoCAD, design, videography), experience God’s creation (I’m looking forward to taking time to be more deliberate in my spirituality), and connect with friends, family, and acquaintances all across the U.S.  As for the rest, we’ll take it as it comes.

First destination: Key West!

10 thoughts on “The Beginning of an Adventure”

  1. We are so excited for you and your adventure trip. You are doing a trip we dream of doing!

    Best wishes and happy trails
    from the VandenBergs

  2. Hey Cousins!!

    On your way, spare a day, and stop in Cary, North Carolina! Kristen and I would love to see you two for a while. (Also, we’re great cooks and have a half-dozen board games too, so, I mean, come on.)

    All the best, drive safe,
    Ryan and Kristen Mulder

    (P.S.) Try FaceBook to get in touch with me, I’ll send you our new numbers.

    1. Skills to Learn: geocaching, apartment gardening, and whatever you want to know about English or Art Education (if we could pick, we wanna learn some swing moves from you two)

      Creations to See: Bond Lake, Jordan Lake (with mill!), Boylan Heights Neighborhood, The James B. Hunt Library, and Hillsborough Street.

      Community Connections: your coolest cousins,

      also, I think you would really like our board game group.

  3. What a fun adventure!! We will praying for you as you travel. Praying you both draw closer to our Lord and Savior and each other through this adventure.

  4. Annie and Taylor! The other Mulders are soooo excited to follow along on your journey. Take lots of pictures and Gideon is particularly hoping you see an eagle :)

  5. Wishing the very best for the two of you. Praying for safe travel and lots of wonderful and exciting thigs for you in your travels.
    God richest blessings to you.Bess Bolekma

  6. Don’t suppose you will make it all the way to So. CA (not talkin’ Canada) ’cause there’s always a place for you and your Sprinter here! And I have found that Longview, TX is very beautiful, and there is a sweet little college with a sweet tall cousin who would love to hang out with family : )

  7. Not sure what I am excited for more: your wonderful idea put into action of this great adventure or the fact that I am finally connected and can follow you!!! While I figure this out on my part, we wish you all things wonderful and the many opportunities that will be ahead of you to positively challenge and change you. Most of all embrace it and have fun:)
    Let us know if you need help from here too.

  8. Enjoy your journey! We were so happy to escape Michigan’s winter last month to instead bask in Key West’s sunny 80 degree temps. Sadly, our ’08 Dodge Sprinter was taken down upon our attempt to return North at only MM 62, Long Key Bridge. At least we are o.k. Hoping you guys will continue on where we left off. Safe travels!

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