Cumberland Island

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 9.37.41 AMAfter our visit to Key West we finally arrived at our service appointment for a few things that were misbehaving in the van. It was scheduled a month out and a month belated. The facility was in Sarasota on the West Gulf coast so we headed there right after droping Bob and Karin off at the airport. We did not know much about this place other than the fact that their service representatives were rude and unhelpful on the phone.

We arrived in the morning and we were called back in the afternoon and given the keys. It being a fairly new experience for us we did not care to check that they actually worked on the things we asked about so we headed north. On our way out we noticed that they broke the TV, flooded the galley, and missed a bunch of cabinetry work. It set us back but we tried to keep up our spirits. There were sprinters everywhere, how could one be that sad?


We were getting weary of the places we had been visiting that were dominated by the vacationer/retiree type and needed something that was more hip. So Annie came up with a great idea to head to Cumberland Island. It is a magical place at the southernmost tip of Georgia overlooking the Atlantic. It is only accessible by boat and has a wonderful Gatsby like history.

IMG_2775On our way we visited some friends I had meet working at DVULI. They were wonderful hosts and fellow road-trippers. They spend six weeks every summer driving to a new place they have never visited. Awesome.

We made reservations to Cumberland and then realized that the weather report said it would rain the whole time, but we gladly arrived after a decent amount of the rain had already passed. Their are no vehicles allowed on the Island unless you are a Carnegie and own land there so we were off to the tent for a few nights in the beautiful moss filled live oak forest. Just as we had suspected there were not many tourists or retirees around. So we loved it, taking hikes to the ruins of the old Carnegie mansion and walking down the beach looking for wild horses. Check out all the photos here.


We will close this update with a confession. We love ramen. And if it were available fresh it would be perfect but we are guilty of having instant ramen like we just started college all over again. It is so delicious and easy. Try one of these ramen hacks from my favorite cooking site as of late. どうぞめしあがれ

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