Ocala National Forest

Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 10.02.06 AMAnother cold snap was rushing its way into Georgia. Since our hose is on wheels we decided to head south again. Ultimately we are waiting for Annie’s family to come down for spring break. Until then we are hunkering down in the warmth of Florida for the month. On our way down we found out the hard way that some cities are particularly sensitive to overnight parking. Daytona beach was one such city. We found a great parking spot in an out of the way area with no signs for miles of no parking. That did not seem to convince the officer that we were clear to park there. He politely used his siren and spot light to wake us up just before midnight and told us kindly the fine would be one-hundred dollars a person if we continued to park here.

So we tried to wake up, since we go to bed at nine most nights, and went to find a Walmart. Walmarts are not ideal but are consistent places to safely park, the store officially welcomes overnight parking in all of their stores. We arrived just after midnight at the closest store and were greeted with a big “no overnight parking” sign. I went in and talked with the store manager. Apparently this was one of the few stores that did not own their parking lot. The city owned it and did not allow parking overnight. So we headed out on the highway to the next closest store.

_DSC1590The next day we tried to find the closest National Forest. US forests are open and free to dispersed camping. That means no camp amenities and a free place to camp for up to sixteen days. That sounded great to us. So we headed out to Ocala National Forest. It took us a while to find the right spot but once we did we were very happy with it. It was located just off an old cottage road right on Wildcat Lake. There were no lights for miles, an old deteriorating dock and cottage, and a beautifully calm lake. I will let the photos do the rest of the talking.

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  1. Hope you are aware of Roadtrek International (www.roadtrekchapter.org) to help you on your travels too.
    We are the owners club that is a chapter of FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association) and have a wealth of knowledge that our members share online (many are on the Yahoo group too).
    I am a 3/4 timer (not quite full time) and it is a great life!

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