Historic Savannah, 1818

Savannah Georgia stole our hearts.  It had been on our list of places to visit for a long time because it is renowned in the city planning world.  Savannah is unique in that the city grid is interspersed with 22 public squares.  In the historic district, people are rarely more than two blocks away from an open space.  What we loved most was that people were out avidly using the public spaces.  In Grand Rapids people visit parks occasionally, but most people have big enough yards that they don’t need to go to a park everyday.  Historic Savannah is densely packed with apartments and combined with the gorgeous weather, it seems to push people outside where they can relax and interact with neighbors.  Taylor and I ate it up!

One of my favorite parts about the squares is that the cars are forced to drive around them, while bikers and walkers can pass right through.This naturally keeps drivers’ speeds down while rewarding bikers and walkers with a shorter distance to travel.  Brilliant and beautiful.


Our parking spot


Working hard

Taylor and I found a parking spot on a neighborhood side street just  a 5 minute bike ride away from the downtown action.  Savannah is a small town (much smaller than the Grand Rapids metro), but the Savannah College for Art and Design keeps the city hip. We found some delightful coffee shops where we could camp out and get work done.  Prior to Savannah, Taylor and I had still been in vacation mode, but in Savannah we buckled down and got to work.  I started completing my tutorials on HTML and CSS and Taylor started playing around with AutoCAD.  It felt good to fall into a routine in what felt like a real city rather than a vacation-land.

After just three days in Savannah, cold weather rolled through and we were forced to head back south to the warmth of Florida.  While we were sad to leave, we were able to get our TV fixed in Jacksonville. So we are now enjoying the Olympics in the back of our van.

Check out all the photos here.

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