North Captiva Island

Taylor and I are both happy to continuing our trek across the country. Previously we had stayed in Florida because we were waiting for my family to come down for spring break.  We had hoped to do some touring of other parts of the South while we waited, but the polar vortex kept us confined to below the frost line.

The ferry to North Captiva leaves from Pine Island.

The ferry to North Captiva leaves from Pine Island.

Waiting in Florida ended up being worth it. We were able to do a lot of work in coffee shops and enjoyed some beautiful places. And at the end we had a lovely time with my family on North Captiva Island over their spring break.

IMG_3191We took a ferry over and spent the whole week relaxing, playing games, and conversing with people we love.  We saw lots of fun wildlife on the island and in the ocean in the surrounding area.The island club that our rental was a part of gave us access to rental kayaks, tennis rackets, and bikes. We certainly took up use of those resources.

Check out this video for some of the highlights. Photos are here.

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