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Packing a Van

Where do you keep your underwear? How do you fit all that kiteboarding stuff into the van? Taylor, you can’t bring a crockpot and a blender. Now that we have been on the road for three months we are happy to share how everything fell into place. We are often asked about how live in just 140 square feet so don’t be bashful if you still have questions after reading this.

If you want skip the stories and get straight to the photos and diagrams head over to theĀ van page. Otherwise keep reading and we will add some more personality first.


Minimal dishes made when using this blender

When we began packing, we had no idea what to expect so we loaded up just the essentials. Then a few more things were added and eventually the unnecessary but fun things. Annie didn’t want me to pack a blender but I insisted and now she agrees it’s a wonderful appliance to have on the road. It may not be a necessary, but it certainly is useful. We have made countless soups and pasta sauces with it. Its an immersion blender so cleanup is quick and storage is easy.


As soon as we learned that the van only had one burner we were a little puzzled.. Some of the dishes we like to make could easily use four burners. But after three months Annie has taught me that cooking with limited resources makes you creative and it has always worked out. Along the way we did pick up a small $7 crockpot that has helped with the single burner and cooking while driving.

IMG_3138We struggled for a while with what to do with clothing. The cabinetry that seems to be for this purpose is awkwardly shaped and hard to work with. We found a Container Store in Tampa and checked out what they had to offer. We met a semi-retired employee who really wanted someone to talk to. He showed us many storage options and shared lots of stories about his life including his own van living experience in the sixties. All in all we decided it was too expensive and went dumpster diving out back for some cardboard that worked great at separating socks from boxers and tee shirts. Boom, free.

For detailed diagrams and photos of our stuff check out the van page.

Non slip linings

Non slip linings

2 thoughts on “Packing a Van”

  1. LOVE reading about your adventures, Annie and Taylor. I ran in to Bob and Karen at the Festival of Faith and Writing and we both agreed that the only problem is that we’d love to read MORE postings! :) God be with you, adventurers!

  2. Wow………
    Very impressed with your organization in such a confined space! Your provision of the images was icing on the case for the visuals I got while I was reading the descriptions. Seems like you’re having a blast on the open road. Thanks for continuing to keep us informed. Blessings!

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