_DSC1782After Texas, we were able to spend a week with our family in Arizona. It felt great to take a break from vacation and be at home for a little while.  The best part of our week was getting to talk about our future plans.  After lots of contemplation we have finally made the official decision to move to Arizona this August.

Coming to this decision has not been easy.  We are incredibly sad to be leaving Michigan.  We love Grand Rapids and will miss our friends and family in the area immensely but we are also excited about the career opportunities we will have in Phoenix.  We plan to be in Phoenix for at least the next three years.  Both of us studied urban planning in undergrad and we will finally have the chance to use those skills.  Annie plans to intern at LVA Urban Design Studio while she decides about whether or not to pursue a masters degree. Taylor plans to work with his dad on a new real-estate development company.

IMG_3326As of now, we are planning to arrive back to Michigan in mid June and move to Arizona  in August.  There are still many details to sort through, but we are very excited for this next chapter in our lives. We hope this will be a time of learning and exploring in the right direction for both of us!

5 thoughts on “Arizona”

  1. No doubt this was a very difficult decision, but seems natural and well thought…this is the time of life to do so and pursue the opportunities before you. Now Go Forward and explore all you can. You will be successful, no matter of the results, but deep down I have a very strong feeling it will be the good thing to do for both of you. Congratulations on reaching this decision and step in your lives.

  2. Well, good luck with your plans. So the past winter chased you south? Say “HI” to family.

    1. We actually thought we missed out on the most epic winter, but also glad we did not have to drive in it at all this year.

  3. It must feel bitter sweet! I’m really so happy for you…coming back to GR after your cross country adventures would have been so different! Glad you have settled on the next stage of life…wishing you both God’s blessings for this part of the journey!

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