carmel2After Big Sur, we continued moving up the coast.  We found ourselves in beautiful Carmel by the Sea.  This was an adorable little town that reminded us of a mini Breckenridge minus the skiing. We found a lovely parking spot and went out for desert. We sat tightly at a table next to a few characters. One older couple kept making snarky remarks at the waitress and the father son combo on the other side seemed to be making a mafia deal. They both talked with us and added some spice to our sorry social life.


A great parking spot next to a multi-use path

Next we went over to Monterey. This town was bigger and more touristy, but it had great marine life. We found an outstanding parking spot right on the coast that even had free wifi. Lots of people stopped to see what the van was all about. One couple even invited us over to take showers, fill up the water tank, and park for the night. We biked along the path we were parked and saw harbor seal pups lounging on the shore, and a sea otter swimming in the waves.

We had been out of L.A. for a while and needed to do laundry so we found a great spot that offered wifi and free organic coffee and tea. The owner was very chatty and loved telling us all about her life.

These cities will certainly be on our list of places to vacation again.

The Aquarium

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  1. Keep enjoying God’s wonderful gift of nature He has given to us! Norm and I enjoy so much all of the beauty around us!

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