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Oregon was as green as you might imagine it. Dripping with life all over, it was a treat to behold. Hour by hour we were amazed.

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Annie has always wanted to get a taste of my dune buggy days so we when we came to some sand dunes we stopped at a rental place and rented a two seater. We had a blast and Annie can now say she has experienced the dunes with me.

Dune buggy ride

After that we darted to make it to the Bandon Cheese Festival, we heard they offered lots of free cheese and $2 beer and a burger, so we obviously were not going to miss that. Bandon was a sweet little costal city that we enjoyed walking and stuffing our faces.

Bandon Cheese Festival

Since visiting Calistoga Hot Springs we had been obsessing over natural hot springs. Oregon’s mountain are packed with them so we decided to take a break from the coast and head inland.

Bend stole our hearts and certainly was the icing on the cake. We had second thoughts about adding more driving time and distance to our already long trip, but Bend proved to be worth it. It is an outdoor adventure and beer lover’s mecca. We were impressed by all the city had to offer: an adventurous river running through it, views of spectacular mountains all around, and friendly people everywhere willing to help make your stay the best.

Portland was the last city on our Oregon tour. Since our friends in the city had jobs, we headed to Hood River during the day to play in the water.  The Hood River Gorge is known for being one of the best kite surfing destinations in the county.  As we approached, we noticed that most of the businesses had names related to wind, kiting, or sailing.  We seemed the be in the right place for some kite surfing action.

The moss, trees, and waterfalls in this area are breathtaking.  Some of the tallest waterfalls in the country are located here.  We did a twelve mile hike that brought us past over 100 water falls.  It felt like everywhere we turned there was another gorgeous stream of water gushing down the rocks.  We’d happily make our way back to Oregon again some day.

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  1. Early Sat. morning here in Waterloo and really enjoying your update. Just gives me the urge to take off. We are just home from our fall bike trip. The bikes and our bodies did fine … We dodged some wicked storm burst and never had to get out the rain suits. We sort of “circle toured” (with some two day stops to visit places like the “1000 islands” and Boldt Castle) our way up toward Montreal, then north into Quebec and then W. in Quebec and back home through wonderful lake and hill country.

    Where was your van produced. I noticed vans like yours at the Roadtrek factory just down the road from us. Ride safe and keep in touch. John and Lynda

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