San Francisco Bay Area

As we left Yosemite we headed into town to visit with family and friends. I have some cousins and close friends that live in the bay area. After some time on the open road, we were eager to get some socializing in. In the process we also visited a few fun places.

Urban garden

A Garden at the top of the city.

We had some time to kill when we arrived, so we crossed the bridge into San Francisco and explored some neighborhoods on foot.  San Francisco is famous for its hills and they didn’t disappoint! Tramping past the old houses and up streets that looked like walls left us huffing for breath.  The views of the bay restored us immediately.


The “lunchroom” at Good Eggs

We met up with our friend Stacy at her work, Good Eggs.  Seeing her workplace was an awesome experience. She works for a startup that combines tech and food.  They are an online farmer’s market where you can order food directly from farmers. It show up at your door the next day.  The place was a big beautiful warehouse filled with food packing stations, standup desks, stylish young employees, and a professional kitchen that provides lunch for the employees every day.  What a fun mission to be a part of!  We loved it.


Later we visited Ben and Stay’s apartment in Oakland and they spent the rest of the weekend showing us their favorite places.  Nearly all our stops had to do with food. We explored the bustling Oakland Farmers Market and used the produce to create a fantastic evening dinner complete with mint juleps to celebrate the Kentucky derby.

Checking out the Oakland food truck scene provided us with a dizzy of options. Exploring the ferry building indoor market made our noses explode with smells. Attending a friend’s cookbook signing inspired us to cook this summer.  Visiting another friend’s cocktail party was a great time for meeting some friends of friends.  Ben and Stacy asked if we would mind going to this party with them, and we replied that we hadn’t been to a house party in four months.  Of course we wanted to go!


Our time in San Francisco area more than met our expectations.  We loved the food, the friends, and being in a big beautiful city. We could easily have spent the whole week here instead of just the weekend.

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