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Devils Tower & Badlands National Park

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We took a smaller road out of Yellowstone. We were not sure what it would be like but we loved it. We went through Bighorn National Forest and the mountain range that it contains. The views were breathtaking and the road was empty. We decided that Wyoming is an extremely beautiful state that is certainly worth coming back to someday.

The next stop was Devils Tower. It was the first National Monument designated in the United States. Held by native people as sacred, it is an amazing place to come visit. We made it just as the sunlight was departing so we were alone except for the millions of bugs chirping around us. Speaking of bugs, on the drive that day, it sounded like it was raining because so many bugs were hitting the front of our car.  We had to pull over at gas stations three times to clean off the windshield!

Badlands was last on our list of National Parks in the West. The beauty of this place is sort of erie as the name conveys.  We were amazed by the sound of the grasses swishing in the breeze and the crickets that filled the miles and miles of grasslands surrounding this amazing place.

Nature Walk

Nature Walk

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  1. Yes it is absolutly amazing … gives new meaning to the line “Waves of grain”. Bugs are good … if they are “eatable” …

    love the pics. John and Lynda

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