Two Medicine Lake

Glacier & Yellowstone

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Dipping back into the states we decided to take the west entrance to Glacier National Park. This was based on trying to take the Going to the Sun Road through the park. We hoped to drive on the mountain side not the cliff side. As you can see with a simple image search; dangerous, accidents, cliffs, and snow are major sub searches to this drive.

When we arrived on June 3 it was still closed because the road was buried with a late snow so we wandered around the small area in the park that was open and then headed into Whitefish, Montana. We found a tiny craft distillery that had free sampling so we did a whisky flight and toured the facility. Their equipment was beautiful.

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After Whitefish we headed over to the historic East entrance of Glacier. The original railroad went here so most visitors in the first half of the last century knew this area. We headed as far in as we could to Two Medicine Lake where we noticed it was nice and windy. You know what that means by now right?

The drive down to Yellowstone was beautiful. We did get stuck on a two lane highway. They had some serious construction going on, blasting out the side of a mountain.  So we sat and waited for a few hours till we could pass again.

We loved seeing the wildlife in Yellowstone. The buffalo were everywhere and shedding. So we called them the fluffalo’s. We even saw a coyote prancing along happily carrying some sort of small mammal in his mouth. He trotted right on the road in front of us for five minutes.

We were lucky enough to see some rare geyser eruptions and loved the scenery all over this expansive park/volcano.

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