The Van

We are traveling in a Sprinter van that has been converted into an RV by a company called Roadtrek. The van has a couch that converts into a king-size bed, a small kitchen, shower/toilet, and living/dining “room”. ┬áDespite how much is packed into it, it gets close to 20 mpg! Check it out here.

The layout of the van allows us to leave the bed made most days unless we are moving people or stuck in the van all day long. The front of the van is on the left.

Layout w- Bed


The kitchen is well stocked with lots of storage. It may have a small footprint but it packs a punch. We do wish we had more than one burner but have managed to create some new cooking techniques to make sure everything comes out hot. Check out the diagrams below that show how to organize a well stocked kitchen in less than ten square feet.

Top of Van Kitchen

Van Kitchen

Storage is plentiful throughout the rest of the van as well. Our clothes are stored in three compartments. Two that are just above the bed when it is out and one that is right next to the bathroom for hanging things. Food is probably the most difficult cabinet since things change and are jostled around so much up top.

Upper Storage

Fore all the rest of the cubbies we have things like shoes next to some electrical equipment and a hose for filling up fresh water next to the water pump. Up front next to the driving seats we have essentials like a water bottle and road food.

Lower Storage

The bathroom is what usually suprises people that want to take a look inside. Really? A bathroom in this? Yup, its a wet bathroom that combines a shower toilet and sink into an area four feet by two.

Tales of living in a sprinter conversion van.